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GBA database Icons


(coverage of risk)

Health Benefit

Medical, Dental Vision Maternity

Risk Coverage


Retirement packages

Defined Contribution, Defined Benefit, Lump Sum


Annual leave, Company Car, Educational Assistance …

Employees Directory

Employee public information

Employee Private Data

Restricted access to employee private data: Home address, salary…

The Access rights

Access rights are role based: a given role (Manager, Clerk, Employee) has access to a given set of menu and forms (customer, employee, corporate benefit ...) and within a form has a given set of rights (read, create, update, delete):

  • Managers have access to all forms with read & write access
  • Clerk in read only without access to Employee Private data
  • Employees are limited to their own benefit report

The GBA Demo database access

The Internet address is:

  • Login: demo / Password: demo gives access to the database as a manager
  • Login: Jones/Password: Lucy grants access to the personal employee file and produces a sample personal benefits statement.

The GBA presentation: A short animated presentation of the database features

The GBA France database has been designed to manage and optimize international benefits.

Business associates are at the core of the database:

  • Customer, i.e., insured organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Brokers, TPA, Actuary, Legal, Payroll Provider

Benefits can be defined at company level or individually for each employee. In the latter case, individual benefits statements can be generated at will by each employee.